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Saturday, 23 March 2019
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Flight Ticket/Coupon Services

You can find very cheap air tickets/coupons to India, lowest deals to India, cheapest flight deals in all kind of Air Ticketing inbound or outbound any time at lowest rate in India.
A ticket is generally only good on the airline for which it was purchased. However, an airline can endorse the ticket, so that it may be accepted by other airlines, sometimes on standby basis or with a confirmed seat. Usually the ticket is for a specific flight. It is also possible to purchase an 'open' ticket, which allows travel on any flight between the destinations listed on the ticket. The cost for doing this is greater than a ticket for a specific flight. Some tickets are refundable. However, the lower cost tickets are usually not refundable and may carry many additional restrictions. A ticket is made up of one or more flight coupons. In the old paper ticket system, these flight coupons were the actual tickets that were used for travel. One flight coupon was used for each leg of the flight.
Standby tickets are obtained at the airport itself, only hours before departure. They represent places freed up by people, who cancelled their flight shortly before departure (so the airline has free places available, yet can no longer sell it at a regular price, because of the shortage of time).
Discount tickets are tickets that are only available at our office of Holidays4you, they are usually targeted at students. Discount tickets may be 50-70% cheaper than other similar regular tickets.
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